Scale of knowledge on the specific difficulties of learning in reading and writing.

-> We will appreciate his response if it is educational in Second Cycle of Childish Education or in any one of the Cycles of Primary Education

Taking like reference the approach psicolingüístico to  the hour to conceptualise the specific difficulties of learning (DEA),the perspective restrictiva of the difficulties of learning (GIVE),the reflexive practice like model of educational formation and the model of response to the intervention (RTI) present the following model of questionnaire with the end to determine the knowledge of the profesorado on the DEA-LyE, the educational experience in the treatment of the educational diversity,  formation and experience with boys that present specific difficulties of learning (reading and writing).

The context in which it develops is the school context and is allocated to professors in active of Childish Education (second cycle),first cycle of Primary Education (First and second course of primary education),second cycle of Primary Education (third and fourth course of primary Education),third cycle of primary education (fifth and sixth course of primary)

The questionnaire respects the anonymity,  and is totally confidential and of use strictly academic.

The length estimated to answer to the questionnaire is of some 15-20 minutes.

We want to appreciate in advance his collaboration in the realisation of this questionnaire for the development of the investigation that are carrying out from the doctorate in Education of the Faculty of Sciences of the Education of the UNED.

A greeting and thank you very much.
Mercedes Pérez-Alley.

FONOLEC: Scale DEA-LyE  -  Scale of knowledge on the specific difficulties of learning in reading and writing

FONOLEC: Scale DEA-LiE  -  Scale of coneixement on them dificultats específiques d'aprenentatge in reading i escriptura - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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