Area foniatría-otorhinolaryngology

Área foniatría-otorrinolaringología

Foniatría, audition (deafness) and nose

Signs of alert or alarm:


  • Always it goes back afónico when it hikes.
  • It notes fatigue of voice after giving classes.
  • It does not finish to recover the voice after a constipado.
  • The voice is increasingly grave since it smokes.
  • To the voice is missing him power.
Audition: deafness
  • Always it says: What?
  • It does not understand when  they speak him by telephone.
  • It puts the volume of the TV or of the very tall radio.
  • In a meeting when all speak does not understand at all.
  • It does not hear the bell of the telephone or of the door.
  • It does not feel the smells.
  • Always it has the nose covered and does not breathe well.
  • Has nasal voice.
  • Has headache and cough.
  • Always it is with the open mouth. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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