What offer

We offer him a good diagnostic and a specific personalised attention

  • We treat all type of difficulties of the language, of the learning and the problems to bite, chew and swallow = pedagogia + logopedia + therapy miofuncional.
  • We work also with TDAH (disorder of attention and hyperactivity) + tall intellectual capacities + development of skills and intellectual capacities (specific treatment in each one of the stages).
  • In the service of psychology offer diagnostic and orientation in the development and in the problems and disorders.

We coordinate us and we complement answering to the needs of personalised specific support stops:
  • Take part like pedagogos and logopedas in the problems and disorders of language, learning and development.
  • Specific intervention in the afrontamiento of the TDAH, tall intellectual capacities and development of skills and capacities of intellectual work.
  • Leaning the superación, development of competitions, autorregulación and autonomy.
  • Psychological diagnostic and orientation.

Like pedagogos and specialists in the learning and the language and his disorders can loan personalised help: with previous diagnostic of the situation of party to make in the initial session.
  • Like pedagogos are poised and in permanent formation to offer a qualified service in the field of the precocious attention, the stimulation, the reeducation and rehabilitation.

Like pedagogos, logopedas and specialists in the learning and language are prepared for the reeducation of auditory disorders, of the language, of the speech and of the voice. We can offer a qualified service in the fields of precocious attention, the evaluation, treatment and the reeducation in boys, young and adults with:
  • Delay in his global development, physical and psychic deficiencies.
  • Physical difficulties and motrices, difficulties in the basic learnings.
  • Disorders of the learning, disorder of attention with hyperactivity and without hyperactivity.
  • Problems of language spoken and writing, of the audition and of the voice.
  • Problems to bite, chew and swallow and the consequences buco-facial of the bad habits maintained.

Like specialists in psychology and orientation can offer a qualified service loaning:
  • Collaboration in the detection and prevention, global evaluation of the problematic.
  • Attention and integral treatment of the problems detected.
  • Evolutionary follow-up of the boy with difficulties of the learning or with difficulties or disorders of the language.

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