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Like pedagogos and logopedas: specialists in the development, the learning and the language and his disorders can loan personalised help: individual  and in small groups of people with similar problem,  previous diagnostic of the situation of party to make in the initial session.

We coordinate us and we complement answering to the needs of personalised specific support stops: take part like pedagogos and logopedas in the problems and disorders of language, learning and development and in the orientation in front of problematic personal situations.

Like specialists in  attention to the diversity offer support of cognitive rehabilitation and of language after ictus, and cognitive stimulation, preventive and recuperadora in Alzheimer.

Juan Ramón Merry Villarroya

Master and Graduate in Sciences of the Education-Pedagogy
Postgrado In Design and creation of multimedia educational materials
Postgrado In Advice and resources for the intervention psicopedagógica
Máster In Logopedia clinical and school
Máster In Difficulties of the learning
Máster In Childish and Juvenile Psychology
Máster In clinical Psychopedagogics

With wide experience psicopedagógica and in the educational treatment and terapeutico.  
Specialist in treatment of the difficulties of the learning and of the language in all the educational levels.

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Mercedes Pérez Alley

Graduate in Therapeutic Pedagogy
Diplomatura In Theology and Religious Sciences
Máster In Logopedia
Postgrado Of Expert in Pathology of the voice

Wide experience in reeducation logopédica and practical clinic in treatment in pathologies of the voice. As educational have offered my service of logopedia in fields of attention sociosanitaria: centre of attention to patients of Alzheimer collaborating in the program of psicoestimulación integral and therapy reeducativa of the language to level grupal (previous assessment of the cognitive state).

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