How we work

The family has detected some worrisome symptoms of alarm to which does not find response in the process educational normalised: symptoms of problems of learning or of intellectual development and of personality, or symptoms of alterations, problems or disorders of the language, problems of maduration, personality, or personal problems that require diagnostic and orientation.

There are some clear symptoms that manifest the need of a specific help of pedagogy or logopedia: Has delay or problems in the language, does not understand what reads, costs him a lot learn, etc.

Educational and therapeutic process concerted of pedagogy and logopedia, psychology and orientation:

  • Received in our service of PEDAGOGIA LOGOPEDIA, concretion of the problem, his antecedents and consequences and the need of the personalised specific support, diagnostic and initial programming of the educational and therapeutic process concerted.
  • Educational and therapeutic process concerted in weekly session with guidelines of follow-up, support, familiar continuation and the necessary reshuffles of the forecasts until the own process indicate the acquisition of autonomy and possibility of conclusion of the supports of the concerted process.
  • The systematic contact among the family and PEDAGOGIA - LOGOPEDIA - PSICOLOGIA - ORIENTATION that maintain, will be able to ensure the growth of the competition and autonomy and the no comeback of the problem. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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