Professional register, assessment of the situation of artida and previous knowledges. Go in here to initiate the tutorial.

Knowing the characteristics and possibilities of our formative offer, complete his register and the questionnaires on situation of party and previous knowledges, use for this the archives of staff that provide him and send them in an archive ZIP.

It will receive a response together with a password that will allow him the entrance in the course and his materials.

Archvios To use
Subscription to FONOLEC

  • Scale KBDDS: Scale of Knowledges and Beliefs on the Dyslexia of the Development (KBDDS) (Soriano-Ferrer and Echegaray-Bengoa, 2014) that consists of 36 items that describe with true (V),dud (F) or do not know (NS).
  • Questionnaire CyASD: Questionnaire of Knowledges and Attitudes on Dyslexia translated and adapted of the Knowledge and Attitudes about Dyslexia (Gwernan-Jones and Burden, 2010)

In reply to the sending will receive a code to access to the acquisition of the modules of formation, court of launching 0 € back cost 25 € → reactivate payment with card and/or paypal → in reply to the purchase will receive the password to go in in the 5 modules.

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