Psicopedagogos And logopedas

Psicopedagogos And logopedas specialised in the learning and the language and in the rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation
  • Psychopedagogics – Logopedia – Psychology – Orientation: boys and adults.
  • Problems of development, learning and language, boys and adults (Catalan and Spanish).
  • Personal development, problems and psychological orientation.
  • Rehabilitation and psicoestimulación.

Like pedagogos and logopedas: specialists in the development, the learning and the language and his disorders can loan personalised help: individual  and in small groups of people with similar problem,  previous diagnostic of the situation of party to make in the initial session.
We offer him a good diagnostic and a specific personalised attention based in a process of concerted support and with guidelines shared with the family and with the educational centre.

Educational and therapeutic process concerted of pedagogy and logopedia, psychology and orientation.

Like specialists in  attention to the diversity offer support of cognitive rehabilitation and of language after ictus, and cognitive stimulation, preventive and recuperadora in Alzheimer.

My musical compositions

My musical compositions are expression of a way to live, to feel about my same and of the world that surrounds me and all and each one of the works present a content for and by the life. Simply edge offers you a distinct edge, a way to understand the person and the human life, a path to the maturity and the harmony.

You can listen a small fragment of my compositions and purchase them in our on-line tent.

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Support to parents and educational

Support to educational: every time it recognises more the fundamental paper of the professor like mediator of the information, like planificador of the intellectual learning, significant and trascendente, like facilitador of the social interaction in the classroom and like organiser of the context of instruction.

There are some clear symptoms that manifest the need of a specific help of pedagogy or logopedia: has delay or problems in the language, does not understand what reads, costs him a lot learn, etc.
The family has detected some worrisome symptoms of alarm to which does not find response in the process educational normalised: symptoms of problems of learning or of intellectual development and of personality, or symptoms of alterations, problems or disorders of the language.

In normal circumstances and with a familiar and educational environment stimulating:
  • The boy goes building and developing the language without disorders neither unfit.
  • And it turns it into tool of communication, learning and development of his intelligence and personality.
But when there are symptoms of delays, disorders or unfit in the apparition or development of the language, needs with urgency an educational and therapeutic support specific of logopedia.

In normal circumstances and with stimulating educational environment:
  • On the base of a language developed with normality
  • They go developing in the boy win them, the capacity and the skill to learn and actuates his own intellectual development and of personality.

But when they fail the habits or processes of learning, or the process of intellectual maduration and of habits of intellectual work, needs with urgency an educational and therapeutic support specific of pedagogy- learning.

The services of psychology and orientation are basic for the boys: in the childish age are in front of the foundations of the development of what will be our future adults.
  • The performances and interventions in this period are basic so that our children are more whole, happier.

Have right to develop and to the learning for the life and in the first years of life are more important the responses to the needs psicoeducativas and clinical that require , are those that are, to promote and develop the capacities and optimum attitudes of each one: to confront us successfully to the life need, from birth, develop us and learn, in a frame of optimum harmony. A frame of optimum harmony.
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